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Welcome to the Hope Parish United Methodist Church website.  Hope Parish is located in Central Iowa and is made up of 5 churches.  Bagley, Bayard, Cooper, Dawson, Linden.

Each church has it’s own worship service on Sundays, but shares in mission and service with the other churches.

Hope Parish is served by a team ministry of 2 pastors who are all from the local area.   Gary Hansen  serves as the Lead pastor with Larry Monthei  serving on a part-time  basis.  You may feel free to contact any of them with your pastoral needs.

You will find our service times and Pastor information on this site.

Feel free to join us anytime!

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  1. Hi!
    My name is Kathy Frees and my mom is Nancy Turner who attends the Linden Methodist Church. I have a woman I know (retired Lutheran Pastor) who does a lot of hiking. This spring she is hiking across Iowa. Sunday the 19th she will be in Linden staying with us at my moms. The next day we will hike from Linden to two miles north of Yale and I will bring her back to mom’s to stay Monday night. She usually tents along the way. The route she takes for the American Discovery Trail will be taking her North of Yale to Herndon and then on up to E63 to take into Coon Rapids. She was told this area is pretty open, will not go through any towns, and not sure who might live along E63. I was looking to see if their might be anyone that you might know that would like to help her out by offering to pick her up from the trail to camp in their yard, or something. My phone number is 319-936-9333. I will be meeting her for the first time when she stays at my mom’s, and she is a delightful lady. Thanks much for your time. I have left my email for my phone if someone wants to contact me. Thank you again, Sincerely Kathy Frees

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  3. Hello! My name is Valerie Zelada and I work for Good News Magazine.
    We recently sent our magazine to the address on file for Hope Parish. The church’s magazine was returned to us through USPS from PO Box 40, Yale, IA 50277-0040. Could you please provide a current or updated mailing address so that we can ensure you are receiving the magazine?
    Have a blessed day!

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