Worship Times

Sunday Morning Worship Times

8:00 am     Dawson United Methodist Church

8:30 am      Linden United Methodist Church

9:00 am      Cooper United Methodist Church

10:00 am    Bagley United Methodist Church

4 thoughts on “Worship Times

  1. Greetings from an old pastor! My wife, Linda, and I were pastors in the Hope Parish from 1975 to 1978, when the parish was formed. While living in the Bagley parsonage, our daughter was born. At the time the parish was comprised of churches at Bagley, Greenbrier, Jamaica, Cooper, Dawson, Prairie Center, Panora, Linden, and Yale. We retired four years ago.

  2. Hello I am trying to reach Larry monthei A church patron who is now living in assisted living at Spring Valley was hoping there was a chance he could stop to see her she is unable to transfer to church and has been going through some hardships the loss of a sister and some health concerns I think a visit would bring her a lot of joy if we could find a way to arrange that. her name is zola summerson. Please call us at 515-465-7500 thank you so much

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