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  1. Greetings with the Holy Trinity from your friend Anthony Sheffield as part of the Fundamental Holiness Movement of God:

    You will be thankful to God and rejoice with him to know some good knowledge that helps the Holy Trinity and their presence. As doing the work of a Theologian {Spiritualist & Truthologist}, Evidentialist, Evangelist, and Linguist {with the gift of Languages}. I can give you a good draft of Volume 3. Simply ask by email. This book is separated in 3 volumes in paper form. Or it is also in 2 Parts.

    The Title of the book is: A Good Educational Reference Course of God’s Presence, Truth, Spirit, Heart, Holy Bible, Fundamental Doctrines, Love: A Good Study with Good Knowledge, with quality and quantity of Evidences for Positive Increase of Complete Comprehension. {Isa26:3; Pro2:1-5; 3:5-6; Eze14:23; Joh14-17; 2Cor6; 10:4-5; 1Cor10:31; 13; Col3:17, 23; 2Pet1; Mat11:28-30; Heb11:6}. Help of Intention/Purpose to Love God; Christ said Build your Personality; He desires to be your friend that has all-ability, knows all, is unselfish, is good, and to be with you all the time.

    The book is available on most electronic book sources on the internet; both in paper volumes of 3 or electronic versions of 3 volumes. Or it is in 2 parts of either paper or electronic versions.

    This is a rare and special work for intention/purpose of God the Holy Trinity. It will absolutely and without doubt help you to increase God’s presence and build your knowledge, personality, ability to help other people, etc. Some subjects it has are following:

    Subject: What is the concept of Worship (about God) ? Some people think it is music, or church assembly, or etc. Herein is the truth about it.
    Subject: What is the concept of Glory (about God); named Glory or Glorify ?
    Subject: What is the concept of Praise (about God) ?
    Subject: Communion fellowship with God should be prioritized. This is extremely priority because our existence is with a person not a material substance. Heb11:6 says come to God not to some other subject.
    Subject: Will and intention should be taught.
    Subject: The names of God are frequent in Holy Scripture and should be known rightly accurate and with truth. Herein is a study of this subject.
    Subject: Sanctification is unclear and told to wait for feeling rather than the will and intention and trust. And frequently it excludes the priority of communion with God.
    Subject: Confusion is taught, and continued during as people know that confusion should not be agreed with nor habited and dwelled in.
    Subject: Dogmatism should not be taught and practiced: This is to require people to do actions without giving them evidence and knowledge.
    Subject: Measurement of us by God should be taught; knowledge and intention and will is how God measures. And he references the abilities he gave us and the subject that we decide about.
    Subject: Knowledge is a subject that should be conceived and comprehended because God says knowledge is a priority subject.
    Subject: Evidence should be taught as priority.
    Subject: Cloths: Women & men are to have tops with a mark on them. And there are more things about it.
    Subject: Extra special study of Marriage, Divorce, etc.
    Subject: Sin Nature that is commonly taught is a falsity and against the Holy Trinity and Holy Scripture. Notice God says he created good desires (nature) in us and then people pervert those to evil desires against the good desires (nature) that is in us, Rom1:26.
    Subject: Unclarity is frequently said as right.
    Subject: Pretending radio drama: Ranger Bill, Imagination Station, etc. These are falsities. This applies to all pretending, such as movies, cartoons, fiction books, etc. Notice that Jehovah-truth says it is impossible for them to do falsities, Tit1:2; Heb6:18.
    Subject: Atonement should be taught right and is usually not.
    Subject: Sabbath Day unlawfulness: There is a violation of the Sabbath Day. This requires that laity not be in 2 meeting assemblies on the Sabbath; because of various Sabbath sub-laws such as that the Sabbath Day Journey is not to be traveled twice. They are to attend to God and communion directly with him instead.
    Subject: Extra special evidence that the Holy Bible is God’s word.
    Subject: The Lord’s Supper is only to be done once per year; because Jesus commanded such, Mat26, Mar14, Luk22, Joh13, 1Cor11:23.
    Subject: Jesus did not have long hair and should not be shown as having long hair.
    Subject: Halloween is studied with truth and approved as All Holiness Day.
    Subject: Competitional sports is a sin against Jehovah-Elohim; and because it is self-idolatry thinking; it is violent thinking; it is waste of time and not the best good; it is a trade and does not receive anything good in return, etc. DO NOTHING and DO is what GOD says to keep his agreeable presence with you- Phi2:3; 4:8-9. Wherever it is activated. A time of Catch or non-competitional volleyball, etc, is approved by God; but do not waste time.
    Subject: God’s guidance methods.

    Now friends these subjects and many more are not studied only partly or with obscurity nor confusion; rather clear, truthfully absolute and plain. They are proved with evidence to know and study yourself. Such as that gives you assurance for convincing; and it increases the presence of the Holy Trinity and your person for soul-winning other people.
    ((This is not a repeating subscriptional email.)).
    Anthony Sheffield. 1026 – 7th St NW, Salem, Oregon USA. My Facebook website has a red heart shape on it; and is: facebook@anthonysheffield777.com; and my other website is truthplusaddspiritminussubtractfalsities.com. God loves us.

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